French Drains

Could Your Property Benefit From a French Drain?

French drains may sound like decorative architectural elements, but they're actually highly utilitarian features that help protect against water damage around the lower levels of homes and other structures. We here at Custom Brick Pavers are experienced at handling all things related to French drains, and we're pleased to offer our services to homeowners in and around greater Bradenton.

How French Drains Work

A French drain functions by channeling water away from a home's foundation. They may consist of a simple gravel-lined trench or contain a perforated pipe that collects and transports standing water via gravity flow. The trench may be disguised by a thin layer of sod or left open to facilitate inflow.

The Advantages of French Drains and Our Professional Services

If standing water is a problem at your Bradenton property, a properly installed French drain could eliminate the issue once and for all. Our personnel have extensive expertise at installing these structures, and we'll pay close attention to detail to achieve the results you're seeking.

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